Басейнова дирекция за управление на водите в Черноморски район
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Flood Risc Management plans

Pursuant to Art. 146р, para. 1, item 3 of the Water Act, the Black Sea Basin Directorate announces public consultation and written feedback of the draft Flood Risk Management Plans, starting December 30, 2015.

The plan considers all aspects of risk management, focusing on prevention, protection, preparedness, including flood forecasts, early warning systems and the characteristics of the Black Sea river basin for six years - from 2016 to 2021 inclusive. The plan includes a program of specific measures or combination of measures solving the established problems and achieving the objectives set for each of the 45 designated areas with significant potential risk of flooding.

Draft Flood Risk Management Plan of the Black Sea Basin Directorate (2016-2021):

-        In Bulgarian - http://www.bsbd.org/bg/page_purn_bsbd.html

-        Summary in English



 Based on the requirements of Article 6 of Directive 2007/60/EC, Article 146e and Article 146f of the Water Act, flood hazard maps and flood risk maps shall be developed for all identified APSFRs. These were developed based on a “Methodology for Flood Hazard and Flood Risk Assessment” endorsed by the minister of the environment and water.

 The activity is performed by the Project "Development of flood risk management plans" under Priority Axis 1 "Improvement and development of the drinking water and wastewater infrastructure" of OP "Environment 2007-2013". - summary

The maps of the areas under flood hazard covered areas that could be flooded in the following cases:

  • floods with a low probability, where the likely return period is larger than or equal to 1000 years, as well as extreme event scenarios;
  • floods with a medium probability, where the likely return period is larger than or equal to 100 years;
  • floods with a high probability, where the likely return period is larger than or equal to 20 years, where appropriate.

The maps of flood hazard and floor risk are published on the web site of BSBD, section “FRMP” and are available for all stakeholders and the wide public  

 - http://www.bsbd.org/bg/karti_na_zaplaha_i_risk_ot_navodnenia.html


National catalogue of measures and national priorities for management of the flood risk

Under Directive 2007/60/EC on the assessment and management of flood risks, transposed into the Water Act, Bulgaria is obliged to assess the significance of flood risk, to draw maps of the threat and maps of flood risk and to take adequate and coordinated measures to reduce this risk by preparing a flood risk management plan.

  In order to implement a unified national approach to the flood risk management, to cover the specifics of the four river basin districts a National Catalogue of measures and national priorities for managing the risk of flooding has been prepared. The development of the National Catalogue of measures and national priorities is assigned through procurement by the BSBD for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria under the project № DIR-51211229-1-171 "Development of Flood Risk Management Plans" funded OP “Environment” 2007-2013.

The catalogue is used by the four river basin directorates in drawing up the program of measures as part of plans to manage flood risk. National priorities are needed for more effective orientation of measures for flood protection in justification of the program of measures and in view of coordination and efficiency in the process of decision-making in developing river basin management plan.

 National catalogue of measures and national priorities for management of the flood risk:

1.    National katalog of measures 

2.    Draft National Priorities for Flood Risk Management

2.1. Annex Priorities and objectives

3.    Link between priorities and measures

3.1. Annex_Link between priorities and measures