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Access to Public Information

You have the right to access information on the environment. You may exercise this right in accordance with Chapter II of the Environmental Protection Act and the Access to Public Information Law.

To submit an application for access to public information, you must provide:
    - The full name of the applicant; or
    - The applicant’s legal representative;
    - The address and phone number of the applicant;
    - A description of the requested information;
    - In what form you would like to receive information: a copy or a review of the original material, oral explanation, hard copy or copy in electronic format.

Payment of information

Fees are paid in accordance with the Access to Public information Law and directives N 10 of MF/ 10.01.2001 and CMD N 253/20.09.2004 as they could not exceed the material one.

Applications for access to public information may be submitted to:
    - The front office of Basin Directorate for water management -Varna;
    - Fax: +359 52 631 448;
    - E-mail: bdvarna@bsbd.org

For additional information

tel.: +359 52 687 462 chief expert PR
Legal Assistance The lawyers of AIP might  answer all your questions concerning cases of information refusals by any public institutions